Covid-19 In-house Management Solution



Covid-19 In-house Management Solution

What is the Detaysoft Covid-19 In-house Management Solution?

The Covid-19 In-house Management Solution, developed by Detaysoft, simplifies the management of HES (Hayat Eve Sığar | Life Fits Into Home) code processes and reduces related risks. The business HES code query solution enables companies to check the HES codes of registered employees, visitors and customers, individually or collectively, based on the information made available by the Ministry of Health via the e-Government system. The solution also identifies potentially risky employees and visitors who will be physically at the work environment.


Real-time data queries about the company employees, collectively or individually.
Analysis of the employees’ HES code query results.
Listing positive and negative HES results by employee and informing relevant department managers by email.
Reporting of the employees with expired HES codes and contacting them by email to renew their codes

Why Detaysoft Covid-19 In-house Management Solution?

• Allows companies to stay up-to-date about the latest requirements enforced with respect to Covid-19.
• Makes it possible for companies to identify the risks of employees and visitors who will be physically present at the work environment prior to visits or meetings.
• Notifications help reduce risk of infection within the company.

Screen Images

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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms support the solution?
The solution is compatible with intelligent ERP, R3 and Fiori landscapes.
Does it run on non-SAP platforms?
If a non-SAP software will be used, a different version is available for such systems.
How do we use the Ministry’s services?
Companies that intend to use the HES code API should apply to the Ministry of Health individually.
Is there a restriction for companies with fewer employees to use the service?
Yes, only companies with 500 and more employees can use the service.
Can the service run in integration with PDKS (Personnel Attendance Control Systems)?
Additional software can be written for integrating data into PDKS systems.

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