Ready-to-use consolidation solution with SAP BPC

C-Pack, developed by Detaysoft, offers a package solution with SAP BPC that provides ready consolidation and CMB footnotes.

This solution, included within SAP BPC (Budget, Planning, Consolidation), allows you to create consolidated financial statements and CMB footnotes quickly. With the standard elimination rules defined by the Detaysoft BPC consolidation team based on its project experience in the industry, and the group account plan they have created, you can configure your consolidation process, and save on time and costs as you migrate your CMB footnote requirements to the SAP system.


• Thanks to ready-to-use content, C-Pack shortens project realization time while enabling time and cost savings.
•​ User friendly interface reduces dependency on consultants.
•​ With pre-tested configuration, test times are shortened.
•​ Easy integration into the actual system.

Why Detaysoft C-Pack?

Consolidated financial statements and ready-to-use content including CMB footnotes

Quick implementation

Flexible structure that users can manage

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