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This story is for all of us!



This story is for all of us!

This story is for all of us!

Puduhepa, the Hittite Queen who lived 3,000 years ago in the land of the world and signed the first known peace treaty in history, hopes that today, 3,000 years later, children will pursue their dreams with courage by trusting themselves and realising their power.

We partnered with TOÇEV and contributed to the “Puduhepa and Sisters” project who sets out with a life goal in which insurmountable obstacles are overcome and dreams that seem impossible become reality.

This story of peace which was transitioned into the digital world by Shell Turkey and voiceovered into English by Detaysoft is inviting and encouraging children raised with world peace values to follow their dreams.

April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day celebrated in Turkey, we commemorate Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, with respect and love, who presented this holiday to children all over the world.

"Children will colour the future as a rainbow if you give them the necessary value, if you show them care and compassion."

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


We paved the way for dreams!

TOÇEV (Foundation for the Educating Children) provide financial and moral support to the children who are willing to go to school but are unable to receive education or are obliged to work due to financial difficulties in their families. Having set out with the principle of "every child has the right to education", we regard each child as an individual and endeavor relentlessly to ensure that they are well-educated, knowledgeable, adaptable, productive and social.

TOÇEV is implementing its "Puduhepa and her Sisters" under the leadership of Renan Tan Tavukçuoğlu, which began with the principle of "Reading is every child's right". All proceeds from the project, which aims to inspire children through real-life heroes' stories, are channelled into TOÇEV's Spiritual Family system, ensuring that the children's entire educational journey, beginning in primary school, is financially and spiritually secure.

I am Puduhepa. 
I call on you from centuries past. 
Filled with the pride of having sown the seeds of world peace by signing the Kadesh Treaty,
I reach out to you today. 
I invite you to spread the light of peace and love which we need always. 
If you also wish to feel this spark within you, come and join me!
Let's change the world together. 
To build a better world, let's make space for dreams!