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Best digital transformation projects of the year crowned with awards



Best digital transformation projects of the year crowned with awards

SAP Turkey Quality Awards 2020, which recognize the most successful enterprise application implementations and digital transformation projects, have been presented. Koç Holding, Opet Fuchs, and Asaş Alüminyum projects, implemented under the consultancy of Detaysoft, won the gold awards in their respective categories!

The results of the annual SAP Turkey Quality Awards, which recognize the best projects, are announced. Asaş Alüminyum with its SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformation, Koç Holding with its SAP Analytics Cloud Zero-Based Budgeting, and Opet Fuchs with its Fullcheck Shop Customer Platform, three projects implemented by Detaysoft, won gold in The Core Business Transformation,” Fast Delivery," and “Business Transformation” categories, respectively.

A first at the SAP Quality Awards: 3 golds!

General Manager Alkin Aksoy noted that three projects, implemented under the consultancy of Detaysoft were recognized with gold at the SAP Turkey Quality Awards 2020,“We carry out digital transformation projects in over 20 industries from manufacturing to retail, and accompany our customers on their intelligent enterprise journeys with our innovative technologies. We believe that we can drive our country to a better future by combining the technology required for sustainability and development with business goals. Congratulations to the leaders at Asaş Alüminyum, Koç Holding and Opet Fuchs for paving the way to value creation in their organizations through their innovation vision, and all the teams for their efforts! This year’s SAP Quality Awards also a marked a first. The fact that the gold awards in three categories went to projects, implemented by the same SAP Partner, for the first time makes us particularly proud.”

12 October 2020