The information center of your organization

B-Net, developed by Detaysoft, makes your life easier by modernizing the way you work. This solution, as the information center of your organization, enables you to manage your communication, business, time, documents and applications from a single point. B-Net, which as a key point allows you to build an easy communication network within your organization, provides a single point of access to all systems from organization applications to HR systems.

Instant Messaging
•​ Video and Audio Chat
•​ Group Chat
•​ E-mailing
•​ File Sharing and Editing
•​ Messaging between Different Devices
•​ Organizational Directory
•​ Project Management
•​ Mobile App
•​ Activity Tracking
•​ Access to All Apps with Single Sign-on
•​ Sticky Notes

B-Net enables your organization to use dozens of functions, such as instant messaging, calendar, accessing employee information, project management, task assignment, work monitoring, e-mail sending and one-stop access to other applications. With these features, it serves as the information center of your organization and allows your employees to communicate effectively.


User-Friendly Interfaces
•​ SAP ERP Integration
•​ Outlook Integration
•​ Supports Windows, iOs and Android
•​ Supports Single Sign-on
•​ Supports Centralized Management