Application Management Services (AMS)



Application Management Services (AMS)

Purpose of Support Services

The aim of our service is to provide partners the needed support services within the framework of knowledge and Detaysoft SAP consulting experience in our business processes with implemented SAP solutions.


Detaysoft Support Services

7/24 support

Expert support team

Sustainable, continuous and traceable processes

According to customer needs and support organization edited

Lokalized support world-class process management structure

Application of End-t-End SAP Support Standard


Detaysoft Systems Management Support Scope

• Checking of errors in the systems reported in the log but not felt by users

• The execution of mutual performed procedures

• The elimination of the problems at Basis, doing research for these problems on the SAP OSS notes and opening the client note and the execution when needed

• Examination of dump analysis on the system and producing the necessary solution and implementation

• Checking if daily backups are healthy or not, maintaining a backup strategy

• Investigation of memory and CPU usage graphically for perceived slowdown in the system, production and implementation of the necessary solutions

• Monitoring of the adequacy of disk capacity, production and implementation of the solution

• Application of kernel patches and hot packages when they are released by SAP and the database if they are deemed necessary

• A homogeneous system copy process depending on the customer requests 

• Control and regulation of the reporting period on the basis side and informing customers of the required performance maintenance studies on the ABAP side

• Maintaining spool printers and stuffing/embalming on SAP

• In case of system crash, establishment of the SAP system based on SAP standard and restoring / carrying out the recovery process

• SAP and database performance tuning

• Support and coordination work

• 7/24 support under the SLA

• User management

• Ensuring the SAP system security​


Application Maintenance Support Services

Change Request - Problem Tracking

SLA Scope of Study Method

Support Manager

Single point of cotact

If necessary, customer visits

Planning Consultant

Escalation point

The information in SAP related issues

Detaysoft Help Desk

Customer support over 20

Demand Management is completely on Web environment

SLA Scope 7/24 facilities support services

Management of documents in one place

Analyze and report on the current status of demand

Quality and fast remote support facilities

The creation of database-specific solutions


Weekly Reporting of SAP System

Daily backups

Control planned jobs control

Background jobs control

Control of free space in the database

Checking disk space

Control of update error

Performance review

Dump analysis

Checking system log

Spool control