Aero Suite | Aviation 4.0 Products & Solutions



Aero Suite | Aviation 4.0 Products & Solutions

A comfortable journey with a digital SaaS platform for the connected airports of the future

Airports connect cities and people. As technology improves, airports need to become more and more “connected”! You can build a smart airport with a single, mission-critical communications system using Aero Suite, a digital SaaS platform.

IoT & AI enable the aviation platform to integrate passenger, luggage, aircraft and operations, thus improving the passenger experience, and transforming airport operations, management, and services with the help of intelligent analysis systems and smart devices.

  • Real-time airport staff locator
  • Luggage tracking
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Parking lots monitoring and management
  • Token-based authentication
  • Air quality and pollution monitoring
  • Foot traffic monitoring
  • Asset tracking & inventory management
  • Buildings & bridges health monitoring
  • Gas, water, electric remote reading
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Waste bin monitoring and optimization
  • Indoor navigation and guidance
  • New boarding techniques

At Detaysoft, we accompany companies on their smart enterprise journeys with our IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. In partnership with NetOP Technology, we implement end-to-end, turnkey SaaS (Service as a Software) projects in a wide range of areas from design to production, and from sensors to management platforms for smart cities, smart airports, smart agriculture, smart logistics, and in particular Industry 4.0 transformation, and we offer extensive solutions from a single point by integrating the SaaS cloud technologies that we develop with SAP.



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