What is e-Reconciliation?

The e-Reconciliation solution, developed by Detaysoft, is a system designed to carry out B form and current account reconciliations in electronic medium, ensure that reconciliation transactions are conducted more rapidly, effectively, affordably and with sensitivity to the environment, and offer traceability.


Monitoring reconciliation reports

Comparing account statements

Saving replies in the system

Trackable, scalable infrastructure


Creates national currency (UP), document currency, UP2 and UP3 carryover and rolling balance.
•​ Balance can be tracked in two separate columns as debit and credit. 
•​ Offers three viewing options: Excel, display and email.
•​ Allows viewing of special general ledger transactions separately.
•​ Enables display of transactions with deductions.
•​ Movements of both customers’ and sellers’ current accounts are displayed together.
•​ Can group current accounts with the same tax number.
•​ Can be sent by fax, email, electronically (pdf file) or REM Integration (TCC, Article 1525).
•​ Contributes to your organization’s sustainability goals.


Why Detaysoft e-Reconciliation?

Enables counterparts to send account statements or related files.
•​ Reconciliation reports can be monitored on the system.
•​ Responses of the recipients can be viewed quickly via the system.
•​ Reconciliations sent to the organization are entered into the system.
•​ Responses to the reconciliations of the related period can be viewed on a single screen in the system.
•​ Attachments of current account statements can be compared and analyzed.
•​ Saves on paper and time, provide cost benefits.
•​ Reduces operating costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the e-Reconciliation package used in global companies?
The package runs on SAP servers of the head office.
We have both SAP and non-SAP packages.
Yes, they can.
From the reporting section, whether a customer is in agreement or not can be checked.
Yes, account statements can be compared. The customer is asked specifically to provide that information.
Yes, in addition to current account information, all other areas that the customer should see can also be hidden.
No, there isn’t.