Digital Signature



Digital Signature

What is Digital Signature?

Digital Signature is data in electronic form that is associated with other data in electronic form to verify identification of the signatory.


•​ Like a handwritten signature, electronic signature proves whether or not the signature data associated with an electronic document belongs to you. 
•​ Digital Signature provides the same legal standing as a handwritten signature.
•​ Digital Signature shows that the information transmitted in electronic transactions is not changed and that it belongs to the sender. 
•​ Digital Signature guarantees the authenticity of the signatory’s identification and therefore its legitimacy.

Formats that support e-Signature


Digital Signature Processes

Permission forms approval process 
•​ Approval processes for payment instructions 
•​ Work orders 
•​ Procurement approval processes

Why Detaysoft Digital Signature?

Compliant with Law No. 5060 on Electronic Signature.
•​ Ensures that Digital Signature processes are carried out reliably and in a manner to have legal consequences.
•​ Saves on labor and time.
•​ Helps you to take your business processes into the electronic environment.
•​ Accelerates your workflow by integrating with mobile signature.